And Then There’s You

atlasWhen you’re a kid, you pretty much take for granted that the world is a coherent place, filled with rational individuals who know what they’re doing. Why not think the opposite you might ask? I mean, whenever you meet new people, they’re all smiling, always in a good mood and sometimes, they even offer you gifts! On top of all this, your parents provide you with whatever pleases you at that moment. You need junk food? Sure! You want toys? Here you go! “Anything to please my kid!” as you often hear them say.

So at this point, the only thing your brain knows about life is that, if it asks for something, chances are, it will get it without much effort. You also know that you’re the prettiest kid on the planet.

And then, one day, the people you have for parents decide to send you to school. Remember, these people (parents) are the same people who instead of preparing you for life, did the exact opposite by giving you (i.e. your brain) the illusion that everything was great and that neither effort nor discipline was required from you. This only means that there’s a high probability that their decision to send you to school with other kids is a bad one. And indeed it is.

You see, life is very similar to a career in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). If you want to be the champ, you have to start training early. In our case here, instead of doing a thousand pushups, you need to do a thousand exercises. And this is what schools are supposed to do. Places where your brain gets trained in preparation for the up and coming fight (life). However, as you might already know, this is not the case. As a kid, you get sent to this place with a bunch of other kids. In front of you, a confused person (teacher) who had miserable grades in college and who couldn’t achieve anything in life, other than accepting the only job he/she could find. On top of that, since you’re now part of a group, the human brain that is programmed for survival instinctively tries to establish a pyramidal order in the group among kids. But you’re too young to understand that and if you’re not aggressive, you’ll be at the bottom of the pyramid and will act accordingly for years to come with the disastrous consequences that it entails.

So after a few years of schooling, you end up insecure, confused, scared to do a math problem and pretty much become a sheep who get swayed away by all the “cool” things of the moment. And it’s not like you can get help.

On one end, you have a person who’s supposed to teach you but who can’t wait to get out of there, so she can go home and watch the Bold and the Beautiful. And on the other, your clueless parents, who are already overwhelmed with work and life and who are just as confused as your teacher – thus their impressive track record of non-strategic/bad decisions. Since you don’t know any better and since you’re not surrounded with the right people, you just go with the flow. That’s you’re only option at that time. Remember, at this point, the only things your brain knows are:

a) If I want something, the parents will provide it.

b) Since I’m part of a group in school, in order to survive (be accepted), I know my place in the pyramid and have to act accordingly. If I’m the goofy guy, then I’ll act accordingly and do goofy things.

However, deep down, you can sense that this is not you and you’re not happy about it. But how will you express it? You don’t have the tools nor do you have the full consciousness to do something about it. So you become frustrated and go to the people who always solved your problems/demands, i.e. your parents. The problem is, they’re clueless! They don’t know how to deal with this non-material demand. So, what do you do? You just go with the flow. A few years later, with a lot of luck and thanks to the lowering of academic standards, you get into college. And since you were not trained, your mental capacity (and thus your grades) only allows you to do a weak major (e.g. psychology, sociology, philosophy, etc.), but you convince yourself that this is what you love and want to do for living.

And so, here you are, in your early twenties, a hot empty head who needs to generate a lot of hormones to compensate for the lack of brain power, while looking for people in the same situation to justify your present condition.

Until one day, while lurking on YouTube, you found out about Ron Paul and Austrian Economics. At first, you’re intrigued by it. How were these people able to predict every single crisis in advance and in such precise detail? So you get their books and start reading a book or two and suddenly, it just hit you and everything becomes clear. All of a sudden, you understand the world, you understand economics and you realize that the so-called experts you were brainwashed to bow in front of are for the most part, clueless. You wake up to the fact that the ideas that the mainstream media is spewing are at best, erroneous and completely misinformed or at worse, pure and simple propaganda. I mean, remember at the end of the day, the so called mainstream media is owned by private individuals who have their own self interest in mind. If I invested millions of dollars in the shares of companies that builds weapon systems, it is in my interest to push for wars. After all, I’m not forcing people to watch my channel.

As you pursue your readings on Austrian economics and the philosophy of Liberty, you finally start to develop some arguments to confront what you have been told for years. You start debating with your parent, your classmates, your teachers and anyone whom you think may hold a wrong position. Slowly but surely, you get deprogrammed from the matrix and start to see things for what they really are.

You realize that the so called ‘’cultures’’ and ‘’traditions’’ in different places in the world are simply activities based on a pyramidal social order to help distribute scare resources. People repeat these traditions today without understanding that if their ancestors had welcomed free market capitalism coupled with a solid rule of law, there would have been no need for frivolous traditions.

You realize that the so called “left-right” spectrum is code word for people who don’t understand an issue and who are not capable of defending their position with arguments. Thus their need to throw everything inside this magical directional word “left-right”.

You realize that pretty much every major event in human history was decided by who had the biggest guns and so you finally understand the importance of a 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Just imagine the human progress that could have had been achieved if people could defend themselves against the tyrannical big governments and the insane religious cartels who would kill you for any reason.

You realize that most experts and authors only address the symptoms of a problem and very rarely the actual cause (without even realizing it). From there you realize that they are only a bunch of humans who read a few dozen extra books on a subject. And this applies to every so called expert on every field of study.

In sum, what seemed blurry and unattainable a few years ago is now demystified and crystal clear. All of this is thanks to a few books on Austrian economics and on the ideas of Liberty. This historic and unique position that allows you to understand the dynamics of the world helps keeping you grounded. You finally find who you truly are. For once in your life, you are not swayed by other people’s opinion based on nothing. You are now part of a rare breed of humans, who are awake and who see the world for what it really is. This knowledge comes with a duty and responsibility to share and help educate other individuals who are in the same position as you. By doing so you will have come full circle.

And then, there is you.

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3 Responses to “And Then There’s You”

  1. JWHerrle says:

    THANK YOU for this essay. Please, please, do continue to write, Adbel

  2. Fantastic essay! Yes, Austrian economics liberates the brain. When the world is going to hell, it really is important to know why it is going to hell. When others merely scratch their heads or seek "enemies of the state", Austrian economists see things clearly. At least that is something in this crazy world.

  3. Edward says:

    Yes, so exact and precise but it took me a long, long time before I came to find out the truth about what is really going on out there. They have done a good job in hiding things from us and misinforming us and also brain washing us. But, I guess, it is never too late. I'm making sure that my children see early in life what they are not taught in school and why schools refuse to teach them the truth.

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