Austrian Economics meet in Toronto

Hello fellow Austro-Canadians, I would like to remind everyone about the 1st Monthly Austrian Econ Meetup in Toronto,

It will be held next Thursday May 19th at 7pm at Paupers Pub, 539 Bloor Street West, on the 2nd floor.

All interested in the Austrian School of Economics are welcome!

You can check out the Facebook page here

And the page here

I look forward to meeting all of you there




2 Responses to “Austrian Economics meet in Toronto”

  1. lemoutongris says:

    Glad I was there! I hope I can still stay at my job for long

  2. mstob says:

    Bah! This sounds fantastic and I would love to attend! I am no where near the area though. I think I will be closer around September though. I will absolutely have to drop in by then. I wish you all a splendid time!

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