CDIC – there for you :-)

I was doing some online banking and happened to notice that my deposits were insured by the CDIC – I clicked through and came upon this information – quite interesting that Canada only enacted deposit insurance in 1967, just before the great Inflation/Stagflation of the 1970′s after Nixon severed the tie to gold, whereas the USA created the FDIC in 1933 – again contrasting the relative stability of the Canadian Banking system (at least pre-Trudeau)

I hope you will enjoy discovering how the government enhances the moral hazard of our banking system.

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  1. Steven Cohen says:

    you know that Cohen was born in Memphis, Tennessee on May 24, 1949, the son of Genevieve (née Goldsand) and pediatrician Morris David Cohen. He has two older brothers, Michael Corey and Martin D. Cohen.

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