Frank Chardorov on War and the State

Forty-four years ago this week the cause of liberty lost one of its most dedicated proponents. If not for Frank Chardorov (1887 – 1966) and other likeminded radical individualists the libertarian movement would still be in the dark ages.

Broadcaster Jeff Ridgeback has a wonderful biography of Chardorov to which everyone should listen. Alternatively, you can read it here.

In it he quotes Chardorov in particular reference to WWII:

“It is a well known fact that during a war the State acquires powers which it does not relinquish when hostilities are over. When the enemy is at the city gates, or the illusion that he is coming can be put into people’s minds, the tendency is to turn over to the captain all the powers he deems necessary to keep the enemy away. Liberty is downgraded in favor of protection. But, when the enemy is driven away, the State finds reason enough to hold onto its acquired powers.”

This fact must not be lost on recent generations who’s only real concept of war (Afghanistan notwithstanding) has been the mulligan stew of government sponsored “Wars On” … poverty, drugs, terror, illegal immigration, tax evasion (you fill in the blank).

In each and every one of these “wars on” the state (and the power elite that ultimately control it) has tightened its grip on our freedoms and it has no intention of letting go.

Peace and Free Enterprise

Mark D Hughes

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