Molyneux on Executive Pay

I’ve attended the Occupy Ottawa protests for the past three days. I don’t know if I will get a chance to go today. One of the issues that is on people’s minds is, understandably, enormous executive pay, bonuses, green parachutes, etc. CEOs are living the high life while the peasants are scratching around in the rubbish.

People at the protests say we need to get rid of the free market because it has led to the enormous wealth disparities we see today, demonstrated most notably by sky rocketing CEO salaries.

Their conservative opponents argue that CEO salaries prove that CEOs provide a necessary social function, and that the free market is only doing its job.

Molyneux proves both sides wrong.

This video is from 2009, but I think it is still very relevent.

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3 Responses to “Molyneux on Executive Pay”

  1. cb750 says:

    Love that saying:

    The government is a gun that shoots money at your opponent and blows up in your face.

    Great bumper sticker.

  2. passerby23 says:

    Has this man ever been wrong? The State, the State, the State: it's slithering, bloody hands are always at the root of every insane financial (and other) distortion that would never occur in the free market in a million years.

  3. Redmond says:

    Great piece from Molyneax – hits the nail in the head yet again.

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