NRP: Narcoleptic Raiders of the Public

Cops. We are told that their job is to “serve and protect.” Yet they don’t quite tell us who or what. Sure, they they fight the wars on drugs, prostitution, and countless other activities people like doing, but they certainly don’t serve taxpayers or protect their persons or properties.

If your car or other piece of property get stolen, cops don’t go searching for it; “it will turn up on it’s own,” they say. Meanwhile, what do they do? Catch up on their beauty sleep, this Niagara Regional Police officer demonstrates in the picture below.

NRP Sleeping Beauty

One Response to “NRP: Narcoleptic Raiders of the Public”

  1. Nate says:

    Last year my then 6 months pregnant wife was pushed while holding my then 2 year old toddler and the man threatened to assault my 2 year old toddler as well. When my wife called the RCMP the officer told my wife he was just getting off his shift, had a few days off, and would respond to the incident when he is back on his days of work calling it a "cooling off period". After not hearing from the RCMP for several days, leaving messages, etc we finally contacted his supervisor. The supervisor told me if we pursued this incident he would charge the man with assault but also charge my wife with walking down a road (a bylaw in our city) and that this man would likely get off on assault and we would be left to pay a crazy fine.

    Perhaps if I paid into a private police force, lets call them the Hells Angels for argument sake, this would probably have been dealt with immediately.

    Anyway my lesson in all of this was deal with these situations myself.

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