Ohhh Henry on Immigrants, Government Workers, and Unions

New immigrants are not an essential ingredient in economic growth. The only essential ingredient is the formation of capital through savings. A large taxation burden caused by, among many other things, supporting immigrants (giving them free housing, welfare, health care, education, etc.) impedes the formation of capital and guarantees that any economic growth will be of the fake kind, the sort of growth based on government inflation of the money supply and inflation of government statistics such as GDP.

A quick look at statistics related to immigration will confirm that increased immigration is not bringing increased real growth. The summaries of statistics presented in news media are basically lies and distortions. For example a few years ago I read in a newspaper that “most immigrants to Canada are in the skilled worker category”. But the Stats Can report that the news story was based on had a very significant fact that the media chose to leave out. When a skilled immigrant comes to Canada, all of their family members are also admitted to Canada with a visa in the “skilled worker” category. So the actual number of skilled workers immigrating here is maybe only a third or a quarter what the news media would have you believe.

Another interesting statistic that I discovered is that whereas until the 1970s most skilled immigrants were able to find good jobs and even outperform native-born Canadians in income. But nowadays relatively few immigrants with skills or professional degrees find work in their field. This is due to the extreme dysfunctionality of an economy tangled up by heavy taxes, heavy regulation, and the heavy influence of unions and monopoly professional bodies such as lawyers’ and doctors’ associations who fight against any lowering of pay scales which would be the only way for immigrants to join the labor force.

In an economy hampered by lack of savings and capital it doesn’t matter how many workers you have, there will no new businesses opening which can employ them productively. It is notorious that many immigrants come to Canada to get the free benefits of the welfare state, but maintain their economic activities overseas. During the last war in Lebanon for example it turned out that thousands of Lebanese had come to Canada to get a Canadian passport, but had moved back to Lebanon to live and work. They were only too happy to accept free government assistance to (temporarily) get out of Lebanon when it was at war, and presumably they are also happy to return to Canada when they need expensive medical treatment or their children need financially subsidized higher education.

The real problem in Canada is not boomers or immigrants. The problem is that government is in its essence a pyramid scheme, in other words a criminal enterprise based on fraud. New spending is introduced today in order to buy votes with no regard to the future funding burden. The simple reason for this is that politicians have only a relatively short time in power, usually no more than 10 years at the outside as PM or cabinet minister. They naturally try to maximize the financial return that they and their families and cronies can derive from this short period. The way to do this is not to create the conditions for future growth by allowing citizens to work productively, save and invest, but instead to expand government as quickly as possible so that the largest possible number of their supporters can tap into the taxpayers money, in other words to get while the getting is good. For example a politician who was brought to power with union support will immediately and massively promote new programs that enhance the money and power of unions (Bob Rae, Dalton). A politician brought into power by a clique of top corporations and bankers will immediately implement policies to pay back these supporters with subsidies, favorable tax laws and huge government contracts (Mulroney, Chretien, Harper). A politician who is elected by linguistic and cultural fanatics will repay them by using tax money to build up a nationalist-socialist police state (Quebec). The question of where the economy will be in 20 or 40 years is of no interest to a politician who will be long retired on an indexed pension. What matters to politicians is seizing power and using it today.

The govt workers who accept 38k to babysit criminals are not selfless servants of the public cause, they’re poor schleps who have been screwed by the government out of the opportunity to find a better job for better money in the real economy.

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    oh, Canada!

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