See Walter Block in Bellingham on June 20th

if rp were president
Reprinted from email:

Greetings Whatcom County Libertarians. This is Ron Bailey in Birch Bay with an important message.

I am sure each of you has asked yourself how things might have been different if our President were Ron Paul rather than Barack Obama. I sure have, many times.

Walter Block is coming to Bellingham on June 20, 6 PM at the Ferndale WECU to speak specifically to you, our Whatcom County Liberty activists on this topic.

Who is Walter Block? Dr. Block is a professor of Economics at Loyola University in New Orleans. He has been working with Ron Paul and others in the Liberty movement for many years, and can give us a view of what might have been and could still be if we continue the struggle for Liberty. If Ron Paul were President, Walter Block would likely be Secretary of the Treasury, a job at which he would be fabulously effective. He wants to speak to you about what he and others would be doing in a Ron Paul administration to further the cause of individual liberty. Dr. Block usually commands a substantial speaking fee, but he has agreed to waive his fee for the Liberty activists in Whatcom County, and speak to us free of charge!

 Why is Dr. Block doing this? Well, it happens he will be in Vancouver BC at the time, so no travel expenses, and he sometimes speaks without a fee to people who take action to support Liberty. He knows many of us supported Ron Paul for President in 2008 and 2012 and that we continue to work for more liberty and less government.

Dr. Block holds a PhD in Economics from Columbia University, so you might think he is a stuffy professor spouting economics jargon unintelligible to normal people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Walter is an engaging, entertaining and humorous speaker, able to discuss and answer questions on economics, politics and the philosophy of Liberty in a way that all can understand and enjoy.

See the flyer below. If for some reason you can’t see Walter’s smiling face, click on this link:

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  1. Montana Kruse says:

    Who should we contact if we did not recieve the e-mail? I would love to attend!

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