September Toronto Mises Meet!

misesIn 1978, the R&B/Funk/Disco band Earth, Wind & Fire put out their now iconic number 1 jam, “September”. In it, they ask if you the 21st night of September. It was a song about young love, dancing, and carefree attitudes. In short, youthful exuberance.

But it’s not 1978 anymore. Youthful exuberance has given way to irrational exuberance. Men and women are now dancing to the beat of war drums. Carefree attitudes have opened up tyrannical avenues. And, perhaps most symbolic to the imminent fall of our civilization, the Oxford English Dictionary has added an entry for “twerk”.

This is why we meet. To learn about and identify these transgressions against our humanity. To discuss and plan and execute tactics to circumscribe, subvert, oppose, and terminate them. Peace, prosperity, and the English language are at stake.

So join us on the *17th night of September, at 7 pm,* at the Pauper’s Pub. Enjoy food, beverage, and discussion of all important things, including economics, politics, finance, security, technology, and apparently the dancing of a 20 year old professional entertainer.

We’re on the second floor, as usual.

Pauper’s Pub
539 Bloor St. West, Toronto, ON
M5S 1Y6

Right next to Bathurst station.

See you there!

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  1. r cormier says:

    where ca i find mackenzis flaag of liberty

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