The BBC on F.A. Hayek

Masters Of Money: Friedrich Hayek

A look at the life of Hayek and his economic views – including interviews with Peter Schiff, Bruce Caldwell, John Papola, Ron Paul and others. Jeffrey Sachs is particularly clueless… and Paul Krugman is unbearable as usual.

A fairly good description of his theories, though no mention of Mises, or the origins of Hayek’s economic views… And tying his views to his “Love of Darwinism”

2 Responses to “The BBC on F.A. Hayek”

  1. James E. Miller says:

    "Of all the big pro market thinkers, Hayek was by far the most radical."

    Really!? Hayek supported the welfare state and all types of public works. Allowing for money to regulate itself in absence of a central bank must be as radical as the BBC gets. No mention of real anti-state radicalism; can't have the masses actually thinking about such an idea.

  2. Richard Evans says:

    I've been interested in economics since 1984, but don't recall the BBC carrying any information about Hayek before. Klugman however has been on several times this year, I'm sure this is a coincidence.

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