The Modern Greek Ruins…

I guess this is what the German taxpayers are being asked to pay for… only 8 years later, and the Greek Olympic facilities are decaying.

For information, check out Huffington Post


4 Responses to “The Modern Greek Ruins…”

  1. What a waste of money, it's a shame.

    Cool pics though. That first pic looks like a skate park. Swimming pools always look weird to me when there empty, idk what it is. Maybe I'm just weird.

  2. El Nik says:

    Just another example of a massive misallocation of resources coming back to haunt an economy.

  3. James says:

    Olympics – Just another excuse for Government to tax their citizens through the back door.

  4. Less1leg says:

    The blasted Olympic worldwide community threw those Games at Greece. What's worse was the damned Greek Government bloody well knew they didn't have the cash to support the future prospects of all these venues!
    What a disgrace. And to think Toronto Canada wanted those Games but international IOC whores pulled the rug out from under anyone bidding for those Games. An international disgrace. Even worse than any stinking anti-doping scandal or a Lance Armstrong fiasco.

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