Austrian AV Club – Marc Morano of Climate Depot on the “Global War on Humanity”

  • Alex

    "I am a strong backer of Obama as a liberal." What is that you like about Obama's liberal economic policies?

  • Ronald Havelock

    A very nice chatty exposition by Morano with friendly informal questioning by Redmond. I agreed with what was said almost entirely except that I am a strong backer of Obama as a liberal. Romney, on the other hand, is a mindless jerk who will say anything to anyone in his sole ambition which is to somehow become president. The current Democratic Party, like the Republican Party, represents a coalition of interests, many of which are contradictory. Unlike Europe, where the greens are a distinct and separate entity, U.S. liberalism is allied with crack-pot greenism. My hope, perhaps forlorn, is that Obama is smart enough and skeptical enough to eventually base his environmental policies on carefully drawn and representative scientific data, not green ideology. It is clear to me that the genuine interests of the poor, the underprivileged, the minorities, and the working class are in near total contradiction to those of the environmental movement. If you want to have a carefully reasoned and readable presentation on why humanity is actually making progress, take a look at my book, Ronald G. Havelock, "ACCELERATION: The Forces Driving Human Progress," Prometheus Books, 2011," endorsed by Rita Simon, widow of the late great Julian Simon.
    Ron Havelock