Austrian AV Club – Stephan Kinsella

  • Roland

    Redmond, thank you for a wonderful interview.
    Stephan's comment about people yearning for a "final answer" to every problem reminded me of a plea I heard from a state-worshipper one time when some public policy (I forget exactly what) was being debated in DC: "Right or wrong, I don't care. Somebody just DO something!" In other words, it's better for petty tyrants and hucksters to make matters worse for us by imposing a hastily cobbled together scheme than it is to leave us alone to solve our problems through voluntary cooperation. Wow, the government schools really are accomplishing their mission!
    One suggestion: Please, please, please check your guest's microphone setup and be alert to problems during the interview. I almost had to stop listening halfway through because I couldn't bear that ticking/clicking/scraping noise from Stephan's earbud wires rubbing on his mic.
    Looking forward to more great interviews!