“Human Action Versus Behaviourialism” Amanda Achtman

Amanda Achtman, University of Calgary: “Human Action versus Behaviourialism: Can Praxeology and Experimental Economics be Reconciled?

Presented at the 2013 Toronto Austrian Scholars Conference session on Behavioral Economics in conjunction with the debut of Mises Canada’s Journal of Prices & Markets.


3 Responses to ““Human Action Versus Behaviourialism” Amanda Achtman”

  1. Jerry Harmon says:

    What an excellent presentation. It was clear, concise, informative and prescient. It has given me new insight and understanding to Mises' praxeology. Thank you.

  2. Frank Zelleniuk says:

    Can they be reconciled? I think Ms. Achtman wishes they can be, even though she very astutely notes the behavioralists have erred in their anthropological premises. Without a re-evaluation and correction of their fundamentals, praxeology and behavioralism will never meet. I believe that praxeology will eventually eclipse the behavioralists as it contains more truth.

  3. Shining Shank says:

    Good video! thumbs up.

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