The Myth of Scandinavian Socialism

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  1. Hugo Not says:

    The depression around 1992 was very severe in Sweden (compared to the current one, our housing bubble hasn't popped yet) and the social democrats made some pragmatic reforms. Since then Sweden's economic results compares quite okay with many other countries, which keep on moving for more socialism (faster). We're kind of out of synch up here.

    Our current minister of finance doesn't do much (which isn't too bad compared with what his foreign collegues do!) but has lowered income and corporate taxes and VAT somewhat. Long term unemployed actually pay no income tax at all during the first year when they get a job! And in a couple of industries income taxes have been practically abolished. Labour immigration is now completely unregulated. Swedish politics is uneventful, but over the last couple of decades small steps partly in the right direction has given some results. And our big business industry has always had good relations with our governments while workers pay huge taxes. International comparitions are difficult. For example, corporate tax is now 22%, but then you have to pay 30% of the rest in capital gains tax, adding up to about 45%.

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